What Would It Be Like?

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. – Swami Sivananda

What would it be like, I keep asking myself, to put my heart, mind and soul, to even my smallest acts?

To putting on my daughter’s snow boots. To taking a shower and getting dressed. To sitting here and typing these words. The answer seems obvious and deceivingly simple – I’d be present.

There is a momentum to my doing and my thinking that takes me over physically and mentally. I am just now, after twenty years of practice really seeing it. The moments during the day when I become aware of how cocooned my sense of self has become in this momentum, I’ve started asking myself “what would it be like…?”

But the question really isn’t enough. I’m finding that I notice, I ask and then I have to consciously harness the power of the momentum to help me really pay attention to each small, ordinary act. I have to consciously engage the momentum to really be able to be present.

This goes on all day. Again and again and again I make the journey back to what I am doing in the moment. And nothing really changes. I don’t really change.

I am simply more awake, there is more space around me and I am more alive. In that space and wakefulness, I’m also viscerally aware of the momentum of my small self and how that lands in my jaw, my shoulder. How it bulldozes over everyone and everything if I’m not mindful. How it limits my experience of my own life and all those around me.

So today, I continue to ask “What would it be like to bring my heart, mind, and soul to even my smallest acts?”

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