New :: ‘Every Moment Is Essential’ Yoga Classes

We hurray through the so-called boring things
in order to attend to that which we deem
more important, interesting.
Perhaps the final freedom will be a recognition that
everything in every moment is “essential”
and that nothing at all is “important.” – Helen M. Luke

Every moment is essential.

This is one of the major lessons I was born to learn.

I have (what has felt like) a natural ability to blaze through a day, getting done all that needs to be accomplished. Task upon task checked-off my “to do” list.

And although satisfying, in my blazing-through I’m certain I lose touch with the open aliveness of my life unfolding.

The first months after both of my daughter’s births, I had a visceral experience of my mental structure of “accomplishing”. It was painful, because in the vast expanse of days with a newborn all I could accomplish was nursing, changing diapers and sometimes successfully soothing a crying baby. In that vastness the underlying fear and anxiety of my accomplishing structure began to surface and I could deeply feel how I had hung my sense of self on doing.

Since, I’ve continually sat with my rushing, my accomplishing, my leaning into the next moment on and off the meditation cushion. The closer I look, I can see the habit isn’t at all a “natural ability” but instead learned and fueled by fear, anxiety and some false belief that some moment down the line is somehow more important than the one I am actually living in.

The quieter I get, the clearer it becomes that the natural state of my mind, our minds, is one of awake, receptivity.

The more I teach, the more certain I am that this is a lesson we are all learning.

Our habitual ways of leaving the moment, hurraying or leaning into the future may be different, but at their base they leave us out of touch with the openness of the moment and our minds – our true nature.

Practice opening to the moment with me in my online studio in the Every Moment Is Essential Restorative and Every Moment Is Essential Level I yoga classes and the Breath, Body, Quiet Guided Meditation.

It would be an honor and a joy to practice with you.

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