To Be Awake Is To Be Alive

“To be awake is to be alive.”  ― Henry David Thoreau

Mindfulness is deceivingly simple.

The practices and teachings simply, yet continuously invite me to wake up my attention in the present moment.

Almost instantly, my discursive mind has a whole lot to say about that.

But really, in terms of mindfulness practices it doesn’t matter what my discursive mind has to say. It doesn’t matter how right it thinks it is or how emotionally charged the rebuttal. Mindfulness is not a conceptual practice – it’s  experiential.

So, I let the story be and wake up once again to the feeling of my feet in my boots, the sensation of my breath and the light in the room. In doing so, I almost instinctively relax my body, slow my exhalation and soften my eyes. I let the thoughts be there. I allow the emotions that are present. I even open to the resistance of doing all of the above.

That’s it.

Again and again and again and again I practice waking up and relaxing into the aliveness of the present moment.

Not my interpretations, judgements, perspectives and feelings about the present moment. The simple experience of being awake and alive in my life as it’s unfolding.

It’s not easy. I often forget. It is a continual practice.

It would be an honor to practice with you in my Wakeful Ease Restorative and Wakeful Ease Flow Level I Yoga Classes and Wakeful Ease Guided Meditation in my online studio.

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