New Interview with Kathryn Guylay From Healthy Kids Idea Exchange

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I am in the process of recording some new mindfulness yoga classes and guided meditations for my VirtualStudio on hitPLAYyoga. I will be posting them here next Tuesday.

Until then – have you taken my ‘Gentle Silence Flow’ Yoga Class yet? It’s a mellow mindfulness flow that continually invites you back into the openness of quiet. It’s a featured class on hitPLAYyoga this week!

Also, have a listen to my interview with Kathryn Guylay, Founder of the Heathy Kids Ideas Exchange and Health Solutions of Sun Valley.

I had a great time talking with Kathryn about The Kid’s User Guide to a Human Life!

Here’s her lovely description of Book One: An Open Mind ::

This book, the first in a series of seven planned books geared towards nine to twelve year olds, is short but full of information and guidance. While reading this book, kids are asked to think about their life as a Great Adventure.  The tools needed to embark on this Great Adventure include:

Your Vehicle-  your miraculous body
Your Compass- your lively emotions
Your Inner Navigator- your amazing mind;  the mind’s original nature is that of an Open Mind.

A key theme in the book is how the brain and nervous system take in information and how the Inner Navigator’s setting can change from an Open Mind to a Chattering Mind.  When the Chattering Mind takes over, it is difficult for any new, fresh information to get in.  When left unchecked, this internal chatter can wreak havoc on one’s health and life.  The book’s challenge to the reader is to look deeply into the Chattering Mind, know fully the Open Mind, and be able to consciously manage the relationship between the two.  In order to develop this awareness, the book asks that you use a sub-tool of your Inner Navigator, Your Inner Attention.

The ultimate step to managing the relationship between the Chattering Mind and the Open Mind is to develop:
-Breath Awareness
-Body Awareness
-Awareness of Silence

The book has over 30 beautiful illustrations, and we talk to both the author and artist on the show.”

See you next week!

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