NEW ‘Practice Like The Earth’ Yoga Classes are up in my Online Studio

“The Buddha taught Rahula (his own young son who became a monk) that the Earth could receive and transform anything that is poured on it. If you put garbage or waste on the Earth, she will receive it without being offended or repulsed. If we pour perfume, milk, or fragrant water onto the Earth, she does not become proud or arrogant. The Earth can turn what appears to be the most repulsive substance into beautiful flowers or delicious vegetables in just a few weeks. It is the virtue of the Earth to receive everything – ugly or beautiful – with equanimity. We should practice like the Earth.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

I have THREE NEW classes up in my online studio ::

Practice Like The Earth Level I,

Practice Like The Earth Level II

Practice Like The Earth Restorative

It would be a joy and an honor to practice with you!

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